Building a team for success

Unfortunately, hiring the perfect people does not mean that they will create the perfect team.

A strong team needs to be built over time by cultivating an environment which recognises and appreciates the role of each member.

The first step in building a team is making sure that each member knows the vision of the business. Everyone should understand the goal of the business, the target audience, and be aware of future plans. This will help establish a company culture and remind team members that they are an important part of the company.

Secondly, each team member should know what their role in the team is. This is beneficial for the team’s efficiency and productivity as specifying roles will prevent misleading expectations from fellow team members. Remember to regularly update what you expect of each member so that every individual is aware of their duties.

Team building exercises can assist in developing relationships and communication between members. These don’t have to be extravagant or costly. There are many activities available online to promote team building, make sure you find one that is suitable to your work environment! The goal should be to make individuals feel at ease with one another.

Each team member will contribute something positive, but similarly, some members might have characteristics which make teamwork difficult. It is essential that you take both strengths and weaknesses into account.

Acknowledge and appreciate strengths, and address and discuss weaknesses.

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