Launching a new product or service

New products and services are launched everyday, so it’s important to ensure that your launch stands out. This requires time and effort, and can often be more difficult than it seems.


Having a plan that includes strategies, a timeline, goals and objectives can help you and your team stay on track. Creating a detailed launch plan helps ensure that even the smallest tasks are completed by a delegated team member. Having written goals and deadlines will also motivate you and your team to commit to achieving them.

Be sure the product or service works:

Launching something that doesn’t work properly can make you lose potential customers and damage consumer trust and reputation. Before you release a product or service to the public, have multiple testing sessions to ensure that it works. Check for malfunctions, weak points, bugs or viruses and prepare for things that could go wrong.

Have easily accessible product information:

If people have to hunt for information, they can quickly lose interest. Having easily accessible videos, demonstrations, pictures and websites generates interest and allows people to see what you are offering. This also gives people time to share the product/service with people they know, which could increase sales on launch day and boost publicity.


Sharing your unreleased product/service through other media outlets can provide you with exposure from a range of different audiences and generate hype. Whether it’s through influencers, news outlets or your own marketing campaign, having a series of promotional material for your product/ service can help generate awareness and interest to prepare you for your launch.

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