Making your small business bigger

Making your business seem bigger than it actually is can go a long way in helping you to secure larger clients.

Appearing larger can help customers to feel more secure when dealing with you and possibly give your voice or presence more authority. Exaggerating elements of your business when it comes to first impressions is easier than you might think, and many of the available strategies are cost-effective.

Put extra effort into your website:

Your website is one of the first places potential customers will visit to size you up. The impression that your website makes on them can seriously influence how your company is perceived. A website that has a dated design, difficult navigation or poorly written copy can instantly give a negative impression. Poor quality websites suggest that you’re a small, amateur company that doesn’t care about online presence. This can alienate an entire group of potential clients.

Work on your social media presence:

Developing an active and current social media presence can help a business connect with its customers and assist in making it appear more prominent and experienced. Social media sites increase the amount of information that can be found on a business and are usually far more engaging and cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising. People generally assume that businesses with a lot of online material have been there for a long time. Businesses that have a lot of followers on social media can create a sense of age and experience, enhancing the image of the brand.

Invest in your promotional materials:

Professionally designed business cards with consistent stationery and letterheads will give a business credibility. For example, printing the details on cheques and envelopes rather than writing on them by hand are small and cost-effective options that can assist in building professional reliability. Continuity over different marketing platforms also promotes a sense of brand unity. Using professionally designed images on all company material will demonstrate your reach and stability in the market.

Get a virtual office:

For businesses that cannot afford a full-time receptionist, setting up a virtual office can have the same effect at a much cheaper cost. Having a virtual employee answer phone calls and manage customer service from an outside location means eliminating the costs of actual employment while giving the impression that the business is much bigger than it is.

Turning a vehicle into a company car:

Visiting clients is an essential element in certain industries, such as businesses within construction or maintenance. Pulling up in a company branded car can build respect and show professionalism. This gives the added benefit of your brand potentially getting noticed on the street.

Spreading the word:

To get the attention of bigger potential clients, it may be necessary to spread the word on some of the other big-name clients the business has had. Once a business has obtained a few large contracts, using them to help promote services and secure other clients can be extremely beneficial. Business owners can mention previous jobs in meetings or display work for other clients on their website, providing permission is given.

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