Structure your business and personal assets for reducing business risks

Let us assist you in designing your business for financial success. Holmans provides trusted advice on all stages of the business life cycle from commencement to wind down.

The running of a successful small business depends on meeting a variety of tax and legal obligations and managing business asset health. Paying tax is unavoidable, but paying no more than what’s legally required is possible with the right structures and planning in place.

With our advice you may discover how to save tax dollars and to better structure your business and personal assets to protect your assets.

We can advise you about your current tax situation, identify business potential and drive business growth. Contact us to discuss these advisory services:

  • Business verification;
  • Asset protection plans;
  • Structuring advice;
  • Business improvement strategies;
  • Transition planning;
  • Estate planning; and
  • Preparation for business wind up, exit or sale.

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“We really appreciate the detailed advice they have provided and the manner in which they have delivered their services to us. It has been their professionalism that has provided us with some hope and comfort in these uncertain times.”

Glen Tarrant

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