Are you struggling financially and need some help?

Are you struggling financially and need some help?
Here is a good place to start…

Australians ranked household debt as the country’s most pressing problem in the Australia Talks National Survey — along with cost of living and drug and alcohol abuse.

Miriam* and her husband Joe* thought they were getting ahead in life. They had a BMW. Two investment properties. Good jobs on decent pay. But the reality was they had no savings. Instead, they owed about $100,000, not including the two mortgages.

Miriam and Joe had three credit cards, two car loans and bills piling up. “It was very stressful. It was stressful on my marriage — we were fighting all the time. Because we didn’t have any liquid cash to do anything, we didn’t have any cash to actually live,” Miriam said.

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Remember, the first part of solving the problem, is facing it head on.
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