Sunshine Coast Business Accountant

As a small business, choosing the right Sunshine Coast Business Accountant could be the difference between you reaching your goals, and not. You will also be relying on them for crucial advice, at crucial times…. So it is important to take your time and select the right one for you…

This is regardless of whether this is your first time choosing a Sunshine Coast business accountant, or you are on the lookout for a new one.

Let’s look at why people often change their accountant, which might help you understand what you need to be looking for…. Here are the top reasons we see clients leave their current accountant and join Holmans:

  1. Communication – The accountants take too long to respond to emails and phone calls.
  2. New Accountant – Every year they seem to have a new accountant doing their work and have to explain their situation to them over and over again.
  3. Jargon – The accountant uses technical terms and they are confused.
  4. Not anticipating upcoming issues – The accountants are too transactional based (one off need) and aren’t looking forward to upcoming issues.
  5. Not Proactive or don’t understand your business – The accountant doesn’t give any business advice or make suggestions on how to improve.
  6. Personality mis-match – For whatever reason, you just don’t have the same match in personality and find it hard to work with them.
  7. They have outgrown their accountant – The business may have used a cheap, small accountant initially, but now are in need of a more complete service.
  8. They are always selling me Financial Products – Some accountant businesses have attached Financial Planning businesses which aggressively market to their clients. Some clients feel they are more interested in that, then helping their business.

So here is how Holmans Sunshine Coast business accountant services are different:

  • Customer service – We respond to all phone calls and emails within 24 hours. Importantly, we always have 2 accountants involved in your business affairs. This helps to ensure you are never left waiting too long or left in the lurch if one accountant is away/sick. Importantly, we use plain language to explain your tax considerations/needs. Holmans are small enough to care, but large enough to have the depth of experience and know-how to help your business. We also have specialisations in key business segments that may assist you.
  • Fees – Charge rates are irrelevant. What is important is what the job will cost you and what you get for it. At Holmans, we quote our work in advance. We also offer fixed fee arrangements where we direct debit your account monthly, spreading your cost evenly over the year. So what do you get for our fee…. We can customize it. However, typically, it includes Financial Statements, Income Tax Returns, Business KPI report analyzing your business, meeting to explain the figures, where you can improve, tax considerations and a detailed letter outlining the same all for a very competitive price. To find out more, have an obligation free meeting with Holmans and we can give you are guide as to ongoing fees.
  • Proactive – Holmans offer a wide range of proactive accounting and business services, such as Business Growth strategies, Cashflows, Benchmarking your business, as well as recommending Tax Minimisation planning be done in April/May each year. Standard with your income tax returns are Key Performance Indicators and general advice. Importantly, we are a relationship based firm. That is, we like to build long term relationships with our clients, working towards a common goal. We are not a transactional based accountant which does your tax return and doesn’t see you for another 12 mths.
  • Grow your business profit, wealth and/or time – Most business owners want to grow their business for one of two reasons…. More profit/money or to find more time/flexibility. Holmans are experts in helping our clients to navigate through this maze. Use our experience to short cut your learning curve.
  • Making the numbers make sense – To run a successful business, you need to know your numbers…. Not like an accountant knows numbers, but well enough to help you make the important decisions in a timely manner. Part of Holmans service is to help you understand your numbers and educate you on how to improve key benchmarks, whether you are a beginner to an experienced business owner.
  • Accountants only – Holmans are an accountancy practice only, with no attached Financial Planning firm. We are happy to work with our clients who have Financial Planners, but we prefer to focus on how to grow your business.
  • Experience – Holmans has been around for close to 25 years. This speaks volumes about our stability, quality, experiences and practices. Holmans 3 Principals are all Chartered Accountants with Public Practice Certificates/Registered Tax Agents.
  • High client satisfaction – Our clients tend to stay with Holmans for the life of their business journey. We have guided a significant number of clients to retirement/sale of their business. We are very grateful to have a considerable list of clients that have been with us 10 years plus and still going (well over 120).
  • Personality – We are accountants with a personality…. Not pen pushers. This is important…. Because if you manage to find more than one accountant that has the level of experience and skills you are looking for…. Interview them. At the end of the day, you will be sitting opposite that person in a meeting discussing potentially life changing decisions about your business and personal matters. You need to feel confident that the accountant on the other side of the table understands your needs, gets you and what you are about, and has your best interests at heart.

Hopefully the above has given you some insight into what you need to look for and what Holmans are all about. Best of luck in your hunt for a new Sunshine Coast business accountant and if that is Holmans, we look forward to joining you on your business journey.

Book an obligation free appointment with Holmans to find out more. Call Holmans on (07) 5430 7600 or send us an email.